Readjustment in the price of energy and gasoline in Curitiba (PR)

Inflation continues to rise in Brazil. The index for August 2021, calculated by the IBGE, registered 0.89%. It is the highest percentage since 2002, when monthly inflation reached 1%. The current monthly index is still 0.17% higher than in June, when inflation was 0.72%. In the last twelve months, the measured inflation hits 9.3%.

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Curitiba pulls this index up, registering the highest inflation in the country with 11.43%. Of the nine groups of products and services surveyed, eight had high prices in August. In particular, electricity and gasoline cost.

Again, high inflation is driven by higher electricity prices. The drought and the adoption of the red flag in the country contribute to the increase in the cost of living for Brazilians.

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The increase was 5% with tariff readjustment, but with the banner, “there was a 52% readjustment in the additional value of this tariff flag, which started to charge R$ 9,492 for every 100 kWh. Previously, the increase was R$ 6.243 ″, contextualizes the IBGE: Belém (6.18%), São Paulo (7.60%), Curitiba (4.78%), on June 24 and Porto Alegre (6.88%), pulled the national indexes.

IPCA calculated by IBGE. Source: IBGE

The constant readjustments of fuels are also reflected in the record inflation. Gasoline rose 2.05% in August and the accumulated change in the last 12 months was 39.52%. Ethanol (2.19%) and diesel oil (1.37%) prices also rose.

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At the supermarket, high prices also weigh on Brazilians’ pockets. Expressive increases in chicken pieces (4.48%) and tomatoes (16.06%). On the other hand, beans fell: black beans (-4.04%), rice (-2.39%) and carioca beans (-1.52%).

Source: BoF Paraná

Edition: Pedro Carrano

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