Radinho BdF, podcast produced by Brasil de Fato, is

The Radinho BdF program, produced by Rádio Brasil de Fato, is a finalist for the Vladimir Herzog Award in the Radio Journalistic Production category. Aimed at the whole family, the attraction deals with important themes from the point of view, readings and inspirations of the little ones and little ones.

With the article “Refugee children discuss at Radinho BdF the right to migrate”, the project shed light on the daily lives of children and spoke about the challenges of these trajectories.

On air since April 2020, Radinho was born with the proposal to ensure quality content for children amid the need for social isolation because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Journalist Camila Salmazio, who presents the program, says that the project identifies in the young public not only a source of inspiration and creativity, but also a “guiding center” of the work.

Radinho BdF: journalism can (and should) also be a child’s thing

“For us, this award is a recognition of a work that finds few peers in communication in general. It is certainly an incentive and an indication that we are on the right path”, he celebrates.

In addition to Camila, Radinho’s team also counts on production by Sarah Fernandes and technical work by Lua Gatinone. In the sound waves, the radio invites children to give their opinion, dialogue and analyze important issues and facts, which usually appear in the media with clothing geared only to the adult audience.

Radinho BdF airs on Wednesdays, from 9 am to 9:30 am on Rádio Brasil de Fato and Rádio Brasil Atual (98.9 FM in Greater São Paulo). All episodes are available to listen and download for free for community radios, post radios and other stations that express an interest in broadcasting the content.

about the award

The Vladimir Herzog Prize has existed since 1979 and is awarded to journalistic works that value democracy and human rights. In 2021, 700 projects were registered. Radinho BdF competes with vehicle productions the chaff and the wheat, Folha de São Paulo and radio novel.

Next Saturday (16) the award jury will be held and the winners will be announced live broadcast over the internet. The awards ceremony is scheduled for October 24, also online.

Edition: Vivian Virissimo

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