Radinho BdF, podcast from Brasil de Fato, receives mention

Report produced for the program Radinho BoF about the reality of refugee children in Brazil won an honorable mention in this year’s edition of the Vladimir Herzog Award.

School subjects Refugee children discuss on Radinho BdF the right to migrate sheds light on the challenges of the trajectories of these small and small. With reports from the children themselves, the attraction brought experiences and experiences from the unique point of view of childhood.

Journalist Camila Salmazio, who presents the program, says that the choice was made because of the need to listen more to the voices of this audience, a considerable part of the groups that experience the reality of the refuge.

“Refugee children are a very large portion of these forced displacements, but even so they are not widely heard. When we find recognition for a job like this, it is certainly a moment of happiness, gas to work and a lot of celebration to all of us here from Brazil in fact“, it says.

Sarah Fernandes, journalist and producer of Radinho, points out that the careful approach to the delicate theme shows that dialogue with children and youth is viable. “We had to talk to children who had been in violation of their rights. This proves that it is possible to talk to children about these issues, respecting their rights and their individuality.”

The program

For Camila Salmazio, Radinho’s proposal still doesn’t find many peers in Brazilian production, a gap that needs to be filled.

According to the journalist, it is necessary to look for projects that understand children and adolescents as subjects entitled to receive adequate journalistic content, “not only thinking that they are our future readers and listeners, but they are also present”.

On air since April 2020, Radinho was born with the proposal to guarantee quality content amid the need for social isolation due to the coronavirus pandemic. Aimed at the whole family, it deals with important topics that are usually only approached from an adult perspective.

Responsible for the technical part of the program, editor and sound designer Lua Gatinone says that receiving an honorable mention represents a movement of personal and professional achievement. “I am very happy as a mother, because I believe a lot in this project.”

Working in a predominantly male area, she also cites the importance of recognizing an attraction that only has women on the team. “We have little space and I believe that this type of recognition is important for other women to be interested, to see that it is possible and that there is space”.

:: Radinho BdF: journalism can (and should) also be something for children ::

Producer Sarah highlights the positive assessment made by the jury for the Award to Radinho BdF. “Radinho was widely recognized for its innovative format, for being a podcast designed and produced for children and with children,” she says.

“This was the first time that a program aimed at children and young people is highlighted in the award. This sends an important message, shows that building the future depends on us including everyone in the debates.”

Radinho BdF airs on Wednesdays, from 9 am to 9:30 am on Rádio Brasil de Fato and Rádio Brasil Atual (98.9 FM in Greater São Paulo). All episodes are available to listen and download for free for community radios, post radios and other stations that express an interest in broadcasting the content.

about the award

The Vladimir Herzog Prize has existed since 1979 and is awarded to journalistic works that value democracy and human rights. In 2021, 700 projects were registered. Radinho BdF competed with vehicle productions the chaff and the wheat, Folha de São Paulo and radio novel.

Category winner, the report the prisoner’s plate (O Joio eo Trigo, April 2021), analyzes the impact of the food served in the chains on the health of inmates and inmates and for the whole of society.

The awards ceremony for the Vladimir Herzog Prize is scheduled for October 24 online.

Edition: Leandro Melito

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