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The campaign “Rios Livres, Mangues Vivos” was launched in the quilombola community of Ilha de Mercês, in Ipojuca, in the metropolitan region of Recife.

The campaign is a communication action to draw the attention of the population and institutions about the degradation processes of mangroves that impact the populations that depend on them, having as its initial theme the case of the Tatuoca River, which bathes the territory of the quilombola community of Island.

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Tatuoca is located in the region where the Port of Suape was installed and is a river of economic and cultural importance for the people of Mercês, being responsible for food sovereignty and for the reproduction of the community’s identity.

In 2008, the river had its course interrupted by the construction of a rockfill dyke, which was to serve as a temporary passage – for a maximum of 2 years – to give access to the Atlântico Sul Shipyard.

View of the port of Suape, in PE / Daniela Nader/Publishing


However, to this day the work remains in place, blocking the mouth of the river, and according to the community, without any environmental licensing process, which has an impact on more than 213 families, the mangrove, the fauna and flora of the region. .

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The date of July 26, chosen for the launch of the campaign, is also the World Day for the Protection of Mangroves, and also the day of Nanã, the deity of the wet earth and the life that springs from it. At the launch, fishermen and fisherwomen left in boats, in a symbolic act, to demand the total reopening of the river.

The campaign is carried out by the Suape Espaço Socioambiental Forum, in partnership with the quilombola community of Ilha Mercês and the Caranguejo Uçá Community Action, and has the support of the organizations Both ENDS and Social and Environmental Home Fund.

Source: BoF Pernambuco

Edition: Vanessa Gonzaga

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