PSL loses 4 seats in Paraná Legislative Assembly

Most voted state deputy in Paraná with 427,000 votes, Fernando Francischini, known as Delegado Francischini, elected party colleagues with him to the Paraná parliament. The bench consisted of eight deputies. With his removal, the PSL could lose four seats, including Francischini’s.

The party had already lost a seat with the removal of the registration of another deputy, Warrant Officer Everton, for abuse of economic power.

:: TSE revokes the mandate of a member of parliament for disseminating fake news ::

The case’s reporter stated that Francischini’s denunciations of ballot box fraud led “millions of voters to error” / Photo: Reproduction

According to a simulation, the PSL now has only four seats because the party drops from 14% of votes received in the last elections to 7.23%.

The vacancies must be occupied by Adelino Ribeiro (PRTB/PRB), Nereu Moura (MDB), Pedro Paulo Bazana (PV) and Gibson (PODE).

:: TSE denies removal of Bolsonaro’s ticket, but promises to punish candidate who spread fake news ::

Who is Francischini

Francischini alone made 7.51% of the votes. That’s more votes than the entire PT coalition, which reached 413,000 votes and elected four state deputies in Paraná. The Delegate, who was Secretary of Security in the episode of the Massacre of the Civic Center, was already a federal deputy and currently chairs the Committee on Constitution and Justice of the Legislative Assembly of Paraná (Alep). His mandate was revoked by the Superior Electoral Court on Thursday (28), for disseminating false news about fraud in electronic voting machines.

Source: BoF Paraná

Edition: Lia Bianchini

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