Protesters protest against the increase in electricity

Members of the Movement of People Affected by Dams (MAB) held demonstrations in Rio Grande do Sul, this Monday (27), against the high energy tariffs paid by the working class.

The mobilization is part of a journey of struggle against high electricity prices in the country. In all, 17 cities across Brazil registered protests.

“The price of electricity charged to Brazilian homes is a real theft. The new increases authorized by the Bolsonaro government are abusive and unnecessary and the fight against this situation is legitimate, because the people cannot pay the bill for the chaos created in the electricity sector”, said Gilberto Cervinski, MAB’s national coordinator.

According to a survey by the Brazilian Association of Electric Energy Distributors (Abradee), Brazil has the 14th highest residential consumer energy tariff in a ranking that compares Brazil with the 28 member countries of the International Energy Agency (AIE).

MAB highlights that high electricity prices mainly affect the low-income population.

“Energy companies have systematically readjusted tariffs, supported by the idea of ​​the ‘water crisis’. With the new tariff flag implemented by the federal government, there was an increase of R$ 14.20 for every 100 kilowatt-hours (kWh) consumed, impacting the budget of families. Many of the families comment that, with the increase in tariffs, they have stopped eating to ‘not be in the dark’”, denounces the movement.

The action also took place in the city of Erechim / MAB RS Communication Collective

MAB points out that many families are entitled to the Social Electricity Tariff (TSEE) and do not access it. According to data from the Ministry of Social Development, more than 450 thousand families in Rio Grande do Sul have this right, without its realization.

Within this context, the act aimed to press for the revision of increases in the price of electricity; the return of money to the people affected by abusive tariffs; that the power cut is not allowed in the cases of families who are unable to pay, or are in default; compliance with the law that gives the right of automatic access to the Social Electricity Tariff for low-income populations; the exemption from the energy tariff for all families registered in the CadÚnico until the end of the pandemic; and a fair price of energy for the entire population.

In Porto Alegre, the event took place during the morning, at Largo Glênio Peres. The action ended with the burning of energy bills from the distributor Rio Grande Energia (RGE), which currently belongs to the private company CPFL Energia.

During the act in the capital, pamphlets were distributed to the population about the high tariff. The activity had the participation of parliamentarians from Rio Grande do Sul and other social movements.

In Erechim (RS), the event took place on the Democratic Corner, on Avenida Maurício Cardoso with Rua Itália. Were present affected and affected who suffer from abusive charging in their energy tariffs.

Source: BdF Rio Grande do Sul

Edition: Marcelo Ferreira

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