Projeto Escola Sem Partido is buried in Curitiba

The Court of Justice of Paraná (TJ-PR) has definitively ruled that bills that prohibit the discussion of gender and sexuality, such as the “Escola Sem Partido”, cannot be processed in the City Council of Curitiba.

The ruling confirming the burial of Escola Sem Partido was released on Monday (20) by the Court.

The decision is the result of a lawsuit filed by the mandates of councilors Professora Josete (PT) and Goura (PDT), Marcos Vieira (PDT) and Professor Euler (PSD), together with the Union of Public Workers of the Teaching of Curitiba (Sismmac).

In the ruling, the TJ-PR reaffirms the unconstitutionality and illegality of proposals such as Escola Sem Partido, noting that the Federal Supreme Court (STF) had already recognized “that the freedom to teach and the pluralism of ideas are principles and guidelines of the educational system national”.

Versions of Escola Sem Partido have been in the Curitiba Chamber since 2014. The last version was presented at the end of 2017 by councilors Ezequias Barros and Osias Moraes and former councilors Thiago Ferro and Dr. Wolmir.

“Our mandate has always been that proposals like this had the sole objective of harming the pedagogical freedom of education professionals. We defend a School without Censorship, a school with freedom of thought, which is exactly contrary to this PL, which had a punitive and undemocratic character, a witch hunt that would contribute to intensifying intolerance within school spaces,” said Professor Josete, celebrating the final point of discussion.

Source: BoF Paraná

Edition: Lia Bianchini

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