Projects filed to tax the super-rich finance

On Tuesday (31) several projects of the national campaign Tributar the Super-Richos were filed to help victims of covid-19. During a live promoted by the Fiscal Justice Institute (IJF), the National Life and Justice Association and the mandate of deputy Pedro Uczai (PT/SC) the bills were announced with the support of more than 50 parliamentarians from the PT, PCdoB benches , PSOL and PSB. Officially, 580.4 thousand people were victims of covid-19 in the country until this Wednesday (1).

“This fight for fiscal justice is very old and to approve these projects is to deal with life, with solidarity in the face of this tragedy. There is no greater ideology than saving lives”, noted the president of the IJF, Maria Regina Paiva Duarte.

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More than 70 national entities are part of the campaign launched a year ago, which drew up eight projects with a forecast of raising around R$ 300 billion taxing only 0.3% of the population, which represents 59 thousand people among 213 million Brazilians.

Human rights activist Sueli Bellato defended distributive justice in the face of the breakdown of the families’ painful situation. “The Victims’ Associations are there to strengthen institutions and seek redress,” he said.

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Help for states and municipalities

“To charge the super-rich you need social pressure. Those upstairs must contribute. It has an address, focus and horizon. The projects indicate where the resource comes from and where it is going. It is to defend life and justice for the Brazilian people”, said Uczai. The deputy highlighted that municipalists, assemblies and governors should join the mobilization to face local needs. Among the projects is the allocation of R$83 billion to states and R$54 billion to municipalities.

“Reparations are urgent and fundamental, as is the defense of democracy and the Democratic Rule of Law. The pandemic is not over and everything indicates that the government will continue its policy of destroying the most vulnerable”, warned anthropologist Adriana Dias. “More unequal societies are fertile ground for Nazism”, emphasized the neo-Nazism researcher.

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“The government’s role in covid was criminal and devastating the future of thousands of families. Many wars have not reached a portion of so many deaths”, said the president of the National Confederation of Residents’ Associations (Conan) and member of the National Health Council, Getúlio Vargas Junior. He highlighted the importance of approving these projects and revoking Constitutional Amendment 95, which froze investments in social areas for 20 years. “Out of every five deaths by covid, four could be avoided with another type of confrontation. If it weren’t for the decentralization of the SUS, its militancy and social control, it would be an even greater tragedy,” he pointed out.

Social solidarity in the face of genocide

“It is part of the scam to avoid the progressive taxation of the rich. Resources are needed for health, housing, education, programs to promote food production. It is necessary to charge those who have money. This fight is fundamental”, noted the leader of the PT, the largest caucus in the Chamber of Deputies, Elvino Bohn Gass.

“The president was irresponsible in facing the pandemic and went against all the practices adopted by the countries that contained the pandemic. It fed its fanatical base and cared little for people’s lives, with the sanitary crisis accompanied by the economic crisis” stated deputy Paulo Teixeira (PT/SP).

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“It is essential to build a process of social solidarity. The idea of ​​taxing the super-rich to implement public policies and support those who have lost family members that guaranteed their livelihood, or were left with profound consequences, both physical and emotional, and unsuitable for work, concluded the congressman from São Paulo, signatory of the projects. .

More billionaires and miserable

The deputy from Minas Gerais Father João (PT) recalled the increase in billionaires and poor people in the pandemic. “While thousands died abandoned, others were becoming billionaires. There was a nonsense: millions in poverty, more than 20 million hungry and a small portion more and richer”, highlighted the congressman from Minas Gerais, state that will create its Association of Covid Victims, along with eight other states.

“They are millionaires at the expense of the minimal state for the poor. For the rich, the State is strong and provides exemption, they cause collective damage and do not even pay for the impact”, said the deputy, recalling the contamination of people and the environment by the use of pesticides exempt from import taxes.

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For the congressman from São Paulo, Renato Simões, life and nature need to be preserved. “The bunch of accomplices in the coup and supporting the situation we are in need to be co-responsible for public policies”, he defended.

High rents are exempt

“It is time to put in the legislation what is in the Constitution, which is to reduce inequality. Exempt the poorest and charge those who don’t pay”, reinforced the vice president of the IJF, Dão Real Pereira dos Santos. Large rents do not pay since 1995, like capital income from profits and dividends. The Great Fortunes Tax (IGF) has been in the Constitution since 1988 and has never been levied, informed the tax auditor.

“There is no other more important and opportune moment to place this issue at the center of political debate and society. It is urgent to provide a minimum of protection to victims of covid. Adding to these flags the urgent taxation of pesticides due to the link between their use and covid, with an increase in the sanitary vulnerability of those who use the products”, emphasized Dão Real.

The proposals were formulated by tax experts and economists and are available on the website

Source: BdF Rio Grande do Sul

Edition: Marcelo Ferreira

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