Project in Rio honors health professionals through

Last October, a project began with the aim of praising and congratulating all health professionals, who have been on the front lines against covid-19 since last year. Called “Conexão do Bem – Novos Territórios”, it is developed in the form of musical serenades, through online media, with the participation of the honored professionals.

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The project is broadcast as a weekly program on the YouTube of “Conexão do Bem” and divided into episodes that tell the story of different health professionals from hospital and care units in the city of Rio de Janeiro and its metropolitan region, such as Hemorio, Bonsucesso Federal Hospital, Lagoa Federal Hospital and the Pedro Ernesto University Hospital.

In the episodes, which air every Friday, professionals respond to an affective record with questions about their tastes, memories and ideas. Based on these individual responses, the “Conexão do Bem” team prepares a musical serenade that arrives virtually in the middle of the workday.

The “Conexão do Bem” team prepares a musical serenade that arrives virtually, in the middle of the working day / Reproduction

“One of the questions we ask to get to know healthcare professionals more is ‘What kind of party would you like to go to when the pandemic ends?’ and a doctor once replied that she would like it to be ‘a get-together party with the hospital staff who have been fighting hard’”, says Laura Araújo, co-founder of the project.

The programs will air until March of next year, via virtual means. The idea is that they will be in person as of next year, but there is still no date to change the format. According to Laura, the virtual option was a way to show themselves present.

“We wanted to find a way to be present. We knew that the virtual meeting would warm our hearts, but the emotion of paying homage to health professionals was immense! It’s very exciting to see the person being honored singing with us through the screen”, he adds.

Source: BoF Rio de Janeiro

Edition: Mariana Pitasse

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