Privatization of Corsan is approved by deputies in Rio Grande

The Bill 211/2021 was approved in the Plenary of the Legislative Assembly of Rio Grande do Sul, which authorizes the government of Eduardo Leite (PSDB) to forward the privatization of Companhia Riograndense de Saneamento (Corsan). There were 33 votes in favor and 19 against. In practice, the sale and subsequent privatization of the Company.

The PL was up for voting since the 25th, locking the agenda from today’s date. The PT, PDT and PSOL benches sent a contrary vote, forming 13 votes. In addition to these, deputies Thiago Simon (MDB), Thiago Duarte (DEM), Captain Macedo (PSL), Dalciso Oliveira (PSB), Elton Weber (PSB) and Airton Lima (PL) voted against the project.

During the vote, Deputy Juliana Brizola (PDT) appealed to hear the request of the Federation of Associations of Municipalities of Rio Grande do Sul (Famurs), which requested more time for municipal managers to debate the privatization of the Company . The request was not accepted by the plenary.

Deputy Giuseppe Riesgo (Novo) argued that the privatization of the Company was the only way to enforce the goals stipulated by the Legal Framework for Sanitation. The statement was contested by Deputy Luciana Gerno (PSOL), who recalled SoluTrat, a project by Corsan technicians that aims to universalize basic sanitation throughout RS with the Company’s own resources.

Deputy Edegar Pretto (PT) also stated that he would never have imagined the moment when a governor would discuss the privatization of a highly profitable company. In the same sense, deputy Pepe Vargas (PT) said he is convinced that, in the future, “when we look back, we will see that the state’s sanitation balance was negative, and that the targets were not met.”

The projects that allow the regionalization of the water and sanitation service in the state will still be voted on this Tuesday.

Source: BdF Rio Grande do Sul

Edition: Marcelo Ferreira

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