Prevent Senior workers sang anthem with lyrics

At the Parliamentary Inquiry Commission (CPI) of the Pandemic, lawyer Bruna Morato, who represents former Prevent Senior doctors, informed that workers were required to sing the company’s anthem. The song is composed by brothers Eduardo and Fernando Parrillo, members of the health plan and who own a rock band, Doctor Pheabes.

According to Morato, doctors were required to place their hands on their chests while singing the song. Specialists in labor law heard by the Brazil in fact claim that the practice can be configured as harassment in the workplace, if any worker is forced to participate in the ritual. If there is spontaneous adhesion, there is no crime.

The bellic tone of the anthem draws attention, with phrases that evoke symbols of war, such as cannons and swords, and a call to fight to the death. Contrasting speech for a company that intends to offer alternatives for the health of its customers.

We were born to walk
a path to be blazed
we were born to live
from fights to death
And together we will be
And together we will win
With swords and cannons
we are the guardians
we are the guardians
we are the guardians

In her testimony, the lawyer of the former Prevent Senior doctors asked the company’s workers to publish videos with the ritual on social networks. According to her, the images explain the “company ideology”. The company denies that it forced employees to sing the song.

The Parillo brothers’ band, Doctor Pheabes, has played at major festivals such as Rock in Rio and Lolapalooza and recorded, in 2020, with singer Supla the song “Let’s Go”, which is part of the album “Army the Sun.”

Edition: Vinícius Segalla

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