President of the Federation of Rural Workers is

In the last two months, a series of anonymous death threats were sent, through the WhatsApp message app, to the vice president of the Federation of Rural Workers Farmers and Family Farmers of the State of Pará (Fetagri/PA), Gislane Souza Soares .

On Tuesday (3), organizations linked to human rights signed a joint note of repudiation.

“Threats issued are being investigated by Organs competent bodies and everything is being done to ensure the safety and physical and psychological integrity of the person threatened and their families. on June 21. This attack was registered at the Police Station of Ourilândia do Norte and the projectile was collected for inspection,” says an excerpt of the note.

The report of Brazil in fact tried to contact Gislane Souza Soares, but for security reasons, she is not granting an interview.

Also in an official statement, Fetagri points out that it reaffirms its commitment “in defense of life, peace, democratic order and its willingness not to be intimidated or cowed in the face of this type of practice that only contributes to making it even more violent and the scenery that surrounds us is nebulous”.

In May of this year, the Pastoral Land Commission (CPT) released the report Conflicts in Campo Brasil – 2020. The document reveals the highest number of land conflicts, territorial invasions and murders in water conflicts recorded by the CPT since 1985.

The number of conflicts in the countryside rose from 1,903 in 2019 to 2,054 in 2020, involving nearly 1 million people.

Of this total, 1,576 incidents are related to land conflicts, which is equivalent to a daily average of 4.31 land conflicts, totaling 171,625 Brazilian families, in a context of serious pandemic.

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The National Confederation of Rural Workers Agriculturists and Family Farmers (Contag) signed the rejection note, the Unique Central of Workers of Pará; CUT/PA and the Federation of Salaried and Salaried Rural Workers of the State of Pará (Feterpa).

The Pastoral Land Commission (CPT), the Movement of People Affected by Dams (MAB), the Women’s Movement of the Northeast of Pará (MMNEPA), the Viver Produzir e Preservar Foundation (FVPP); the Landless Rural Workers Movement (MST), the Popular Youth Movement and the Popular Peasant Movement (MCP) also signed the document.

In addition to organizations linked to human rights, the chairman of the Commission on Human Rights and Consumer Protection of the Legislative Assembly of the State of Pará, Deputy Bordalo, also published a repudiation note stating that the commission became aware of the threats “in the middle of the month June, when the criminal practice began”.

“It has been effectively monitoring the situation, demanding from the Department of Public Security and Social Defense the necessary measures in order to preserve the physical integrity and life of the victim, as well as their inclusion in the Program for the Protection of Human Rights Defenders in the State do Pará, through the Department of Justice and Human Rights in the State of Pará, as a way of protecting and guaranteeing its permanence in its activities, since Fetagri/PA is a member of the State Council for the Protection of Human Rights Defenders” , says the note.

The activist, in addition to being vice president of Fetagri, holds the position of Youth Secretary at the entity.

Edition: Leandro Melito

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