President of Funai becomes a defendant for failing to comply with the decision

Marcelo Augusto Xavier da Silva, president of the National Indian Foundation (Funai), became a defendant in the 1st Federal Civil and Criminal Court of Santarém, Pará.

In the process, he is accused of administrative improbity, for failing to comply with court decisions that determined the advance of the demarcation of the indigenous territory of the Munduruku people in the Santarén plateau.

In his text, federal judge Clécio Alves de Araújo stated that “there are strong evidences of the practice of administrative improbity.”

“See that, in fact, the defendant’s manifestations in those records did not take place in a timely manner, in addition to there being sufficient evidence that there may have been deliberate non-compliance with the court-approved agreement”, concludes the magistrate.

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Marcelo Xavier failed to comply, in total, with six decisions of the Federal Court of Santarém on the Munduruku territory. Due to the delays, it already owes BRL 270 thousand in fines. If you continue to transgress the court orders, the president of Funai could lose his political rights and even be arrested.

The decisions of the Santarém Court determined the preparation of the Identification and Delimitation Report for the demarcation of the Munduruku indigenous territory, in the municipality of Pará, which would be prepared by the Funai technical group.

In its investigation, the Federal Public Ministry of Pará (MPF-PA) found that there was budget availability foreseen for compliance with the measures determined by the Justice. Therefore, Marcelo Xavier’s disobedience was an act of indiscipline.

Edition: Anelize Moreira

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