Premiere second (2) webseries from Paraná with superheroine in

The adventures of Super Adelaide, a superhero self-righteous clown who tries to save the planet and the animals, hits YouTube on August 2nd. The webseries is divided into six episodes, with the theme of protecting and preserving the environment and respect for animals. The webseries can be viewed free of charge and will be translated into pounds.

The adventure begins when Super Adelaide decides to live in the forest to defend animals and nature from a horrible and mysterious monster that is causing various disasters.

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In the midst of many adventures and emotions, the clown reveals her superpowers, which, in fact, are her own human surfaced. In each episode, you’ll have to overcome a challenge linked to an element of nature (air, earth, water and fire) to save the planet. The webseries was filmed in Londrina (PR), revealing images of the local environment.

Actress Juliana Galante gives life to Palhaça Adelaide. Juliana has been researching the relationship between clowning and activism since 2015. It was during her graduation in Performing Arts, at the State University of Londrina (UEL), that her first solo work in the area appeared, the theatrical show “Plano nº 269”.

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The purpose of its projects is to raise public awareness about the preservation of the environment, respect and care for animals and feminism, bringing to light, in a discreet and sensitive way, the strength and empowerment of girls and women, in the figure of a “superheroine” outside of the pre-established standards, called “Super Adelaide”.

The webseries was designed for students from public elementary and high schools, but it is free for all audiences. It will be made available to schools free of charge to be broadcast within the classroom platform.

Source: BoF Paraná

Edition: Lia Bianchini

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