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This Monday (18), the Ethics Council of the City Council of Curitiba (CMC) decided to file the complaint against councilor Renato Freitas (PT) for alleged breach of parliamentary decorum. By 5 votes to 1, the opinion of the rapporteur, Dalton Borba (PDT) prevailed, for the archiving of the accusation, over the separate vote of Eder Borges (PSD), asking for the penalty of public censorship to the councilor.

The Disciplinary Ethical Process (PED) 1/2021 assessed whether Renato Freitas committed “discriminatory offenses”, “moral and dignity offenses” and “religious intolerance” in speeches on CMC’s social networks. On CMC’s YouTube chat, during the broadcast of the April 1 plenary session, the PT councilor wrote that “this conservative caucus of crook pastors doesn’t care for life, they’re just thinking about their Poconarist electoral corral, unfortunately.”

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The complainants – Ezequias Barros (PMB), Sergeant Tânia Guerreiro (PSL), Osias Moraes (Republicans) and Pastor Marciano Alves (Republicans) – alleged violation of five articles of the House’s Code of Ethics and Parliamentary Decorum by the defendant, Renato Freitas, in statements during and outside the plenary sessions.

The CMC inspector, Amália Tortato (Novo), reduced the scope of the accusation to the PT’s manifestations on YouTube, ruling out other lines cited by the complainants, in the plenary sessions on February 10 and 17, and in a video released on Freitas’ own channel on YouTube on April 5th. It was within this framework that, since June 1st, the Ethics Council investigated the case, delegated to the Instruction Board formed by Dalton Borba, Eder Borges and Indiara Barbosa (Novo).

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Movement in defense of the life of Renato Freitas also points out structural racism of the security forces and suggests a change in police training / Photo: Giorgia Prates

The opinion for the filing of the complaint was given by Councilor Dalton Borba, and the understanding was that the manifestation was part of the right to parliamentary immunity, in addition to being in accordance with the defense of freedom of expression and the Democratic Rule of Law.

Source: BoF Paraná

Edition: Lia Bianchini

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