Portela discards samba for 2022 that called for “resistance to

Last Thursday (30th) Portela chose its samba for the parade of samba schools in Rio de Janeiro in 2022, but the negative reaction from the crowd was enough for the Madureira club, in the north of the city, to stay between the most talked about subjects on social networks and occupy the ranking of the five most mentioned subjects on Twitter.

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Next year, the school will take the plot “Igi Osè Baobá” to Marquês de Sapucaí, about the baobá, a millenary tree in Africa, considered the tree of life and referring to religiosity, orixás and candomblé. The author of the winning samba was Wanderley Monteiro along with other authors, but Portela fans had been following the success of Samir Trindade’s competitor samba and hoped that the lyrics would win in the dispute.

On social networks, Trindade said that his indignation was not related to the author or the competing samba and asked the community from Porto to unite around the school and the winning song. But he complained about the current leadership of the association and signaled that the choice was political. Samir also said that yesterday “prejudice and envy overcame Portela”.

One of the excerpts of the lyrics that lost the dispute brings a criticism possibly to politics, in which the author states that “myth is Paulo Benjamin”, Paulo da Portela, one of the most important names of the Madureira school, and continues: “Mito is Paulo Benjamin / For everyone from Porto that left us / I call out the roots, resistance to the dictator”.

“Today is the saddest day of my trajectory as a composer, I did everything in my power, within my dignity, to win this samba. Some people who love and put Portela in first place also tried to help me, but unfortunately it didn’t work. Of the competing sambas, this was the most acclaimed and embraced by the Portela community,” said the composer.

Listen to the samba by Wanderley Monteiro, who won the dispute, and the samba by Samir Trindade, who had been appointed as the favorite:

Source: BoF Rio de Janeiro

Edition: Eduardo Miranda

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