Portal will bring together milestones of the transition process

The National Agroecology Articulation (ANA) launched the ENA Agroecology portal, which brings together the memory of the National Agroecology Meetings (ENA) held by the institution since 2002.

The objective is to record major milestones in the agroecological transition process in Brazil, facilitating access to activities and results of the meetings.

In addition to the records of the meetings, the site also features thematic notebooks of the IV ENA, with the theme “Agroecology and Democracy Uniting Campo e Cidade”, which are available for download.

“The ENAs gave many seeds, but one of the most important things was to make the farmers from the various territories of Brazil meet to build their own identity and understand that we were not alone,” said Roselita Vitor, head of the Borborema Pole , in Paraíba, during the online launch of the platform this Tuesday (5).

“If we were here defending the Creole seeds, the ‘seeds of passion’, in other places there were peasant women and men doing the same struggle,” he said.

In the same vein, Paulo Petersen, executive coordinator of Family Agriculture and Agroecology (AS-PTA), emphasized the importance of the platform since the meetings.

“These are the maximum moments of expression or great landmarks of a struggle that, evidently, did not start in the first ENA, it is a very long struggle, it is a landmark of popular struggles”.

According to the leaders of the organizations that make up the National Coordination of Agroecology, the formation and expansion of regional networks is one of the main results of the national meetings.

Click here to access the new portal.

Edition: Anelize Moreira

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