Popular movements unify the struggle and promote an act against

On November 20, union entities and popular movements will once again be in the streets against the genocidal policy of President Jair Bolsonaro (no party), in defense of racial equality, life, democracy and employment.

With the motto #ForaBolsonaroRacista, Black Consciousness Day has events called across the country by the Black Convergence, Black Coalition for Rights and the Popular Brazil and People Without Fear fronts, articulated with various organizations of black social movements.

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In a note published on social media, the National Campaign Fora Bolsonaro highlights that the date is a time when “Zumbi dos Palmares’ achievements and the struggle of black people against slavery, racism and social, economic and political marginalization are recalled. ”.

The publication also points out reasons for the population to take to the streets next Saturday, among them, it records that Bolsonaro is responsible for the return of hunger in Brazil, a factor that fully affects the black, poor and peripheral population of the country.

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For the secretary for Combating Racism of the Workers’ Party of the Federal District (PT-DF), Daniel Kubuku, “November 20 is an achievement of the black social movement.” In this sense, unifying the agendas for the exit “from this genocidal government” and the anti-racist struggle is essential to make visible and “give more emphasis to the agenda for racial equality”, he points out. In Brasília, the act will take place at the Museu da República, from 3 pm onwards.

Kubuku emphasizes that “Bolsonaro did not invent racism, but his misgovernment deepened the inequalities in our society, which is already racialized”, he says. For him, Bolsonaro’s speeches, actions and omissions contribute to the deepening of the genocide of the black population.

“From its militarized rhetoric, through the naturalization and encouragement of the genocide of the black population, to the destruction of social policies and the promotion of racial equality. We are talking about a corrupt and genocidal government, which kills through disease, hunger, and the physical and symbolic extermination of everything that refers to our African ancestry. Therefore, going out into the streets to say Out of Bolsonaro is an urgent task for every black social movement on this November 20th”, emphasizes Kubuku.

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Source: Federal District BdF

Edition: Flávia Quirino

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