PL makes gas cylinder distribution a public policy

The Legislative Assembly of the State of Ceará approved the Bill No. 114/2021, which makes the distribution of gas in cylinders to the requesting population of Ceará more vulnerable, a permanent public policy. With the proposal, the distribution should take place three times a year by the Executive Branch. Another achievement is that now, civil society entities that work with social projects and produce free food for the vulnerable population will also benefit from the project. The inclusion of entities in the PL is the result of a parliamentary amendment authored by deputy Elmano Freitas (PT).

Elmano says that transforming the benefit into permanent public policy is yet another decision that proves Governor Camilo Santana’s commitment and sensitivity to the well-being of the population, especially those who need it most. Elmano emphasizes the importance of the work of these entities to alleviate the suffering of the most vulnerable at this time of pandemic. “Many of these institutions work within their budget limit. A large part lives from the contribution of volunteers. Therefore, the approval of our amendment helps, strengthens and encourages the continuity of this great work which is to feed those who are hungry”, justifies deputy Elmano.

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Humberto Neto, a member of the Movement of Workers and Workers for Rights (MTD), affirms that the importance of this initiative is, above all, due to the moment we are living in the country. “The aggravation of inequalities that have taken place in recent years were enhanced by the disastrous conduct of the federal government in combating the new coronavirus pandemic. Inflation has harshly punished the poorest and led to hunger in countless Brazilian families, who in a short time saw the increase in the price of cooking gas, electricity, water and food”. For him, Rep. Elmano’s amendment contributes to the work of several entities and organizations that engage in the policy of solidarity and fight against hunger, such as the MTD, which has been developing work with popular kitchens in the Bela Vista and Pirambu, in Fortaleza.

“For us, movements and entities benefiting from the proposal, the amendment comes at a good time, as it represents the guarantee of the continuity of the policy of solidarity and combating hunger, as maintaining a job like this requires resources that are generally very difficult to obtain. ”, says Humberto. He recalls that the popular kitchen work in the Bela Vista and Pirambu neighborhoods began with donations from partner movements and individuals who were sensitized to the cause, but over time, and also because of the difficult conditions in the country, these donations they decrease and fluctuate a lot.

According to Humberto, making the gas voucher a permanent policy contributes significantly to the continuity of work and to people benefiting from popular kitchens, a measure like this represents food on the table, the guarantee of a decent meal, which is no small thing thing in the case of a country that sees the return of hunger appalling. “The guarantee of cooking gas will contribute a lot to popular kitchens, as it will enable the use of resources that would be used to purchase gas, for other kitchen needs, such as the purchase of food, especially proteins, which are generally more difficult to purchase. get through donations”.

On its website, the Government of the State of Ceará informs that in the last two years approximately 500 thousand gas cylinders were delivered to the benefited families.

Source: BoF Ceará

Edition: Monyse Ravenna

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