PIX has new rules to increase security in

The first of the new security measures for the PIX announced by the Central Bank (BC) last August is already in effect. The limit of R$1,000 for transfers between 8:00 pm and 6:00 am became effective from October 4th. The change was automatic, but the customer can request a change to this limit from their financial institution.

Other security measures will take effect as of November 16, such as the preventive blocking of resources for 72 hours in case of suspected violations; mandatory notifications of rejected transfers and expansion of information on fraud prevention.

The new PIX rules – a real-time, 24/7 resource transfer mechanism – do not apply to legal entities.

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In addition to reducing vulnerability to theft and fraud, the new rules aim to clarify the responsibility of banks for fraud arising from their own mechanisms.

Security measures will be applied both for transactions via PIX and for those made by other means, such as bank slips, Electronic Transfer Available (TED) and Credit Order Document (DOC).

Check out how the new standards apply to each of them:

Central Bank of Brazil framework explains the new rules according to the medium used to make transfers / Central Bank of Brazil

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