Petition with 34,000 signatures asks PGR to investigate

A group of 20 civil society organizations, including representatives of family members of covid-19 victims, delivered this Wednesday (10) a petition with more than 34,000 signatures demanding that the Attorney General, Augusto Aras, not let the possible crimes pointed out by the Parliamentary Inquiry Commission (CPI) of the Pandemic go unpunished.

At the end of last month, senators from the CPI had already delivered the final report approved by the commission to Aras. The 1,288-page report attributes President Jair Bolsonaro to nine crimes during the pandemic. The document also includes requests for indictment from ministers, former ministers, children of the president, deputies, doctors, businessmen and companies. In all, 65 people were indicted for various crimes.

The delivery of the petition by the organizations took place at the headquarters of the PGR, in Brasília. The document requires that the persons listed in the final CPI report be prosecuted and held accountable.

The action is part of the Mission is Not Public Policy (ONPP) campaign, launched in June, and which over the past few weeks has collected signatures from the population through an internet petition.

“We want him [Augusto Aras] act, fulfill your constitutional duty, to end impunity, so that we honor and respect the memory of the more than 600,000 people who lost their lives, allow Brazil to turn the page and guarantee fair reparation for everyone who they lost theirs to covid-19,” stated Jurema Werneck, executive director of Amnesty International Brasil, during the act that marked the delivery of 34,000 signatures.

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The campaign includes Amnesty International Brazil, Oxfam Brasil, the Brazilian Association of Public Health (Abrasco), Institute of Socioeconomic Studies (Inesc), Brazilian Institute for Consumer Protection (Idec), Criola Institute, Indigenous Missionary Council (Cimi), Terra de Direitos, Coordination of Indigenous Organizations in the Brazilian Amazon (Coiab), National Human Rights Movement (MNDH), Observatory of the Metropolises, Olodum, South American Network for Environmental Migration (Resama), Global Justice, Cedeca, Engajamundo, Institute of Black Women of Mato Grosso (Immune), Brazilian Association of Doctors and Doctors for Democracy (ABBMD), Voluntary Support Group and Avico Brasil – Association of Victims and Families of Victims of Covid-19.

The organizations are also awaiting a response to a request for a meeting with Augusto Aras himself, which has not yet been confirmed. Although the CPI can recommend indictments and point out those responsible, the deepening of investigations and the filing of complaints in court depend on other institutions.

In the case of the president, ministers of state, deputies and senators, this is up to the attorney general of the Republic, who is head of the Federal Public Ministry (MPF). People without privileged jurisdiction, in addition to companies, must be investigated by the Public Ministry in the first instance.

“We who survived this genocide have an ethical obligation to ensure that no one responsible for this tragedy goes unpunished,” said José Antônio Moroni, a member of Inesc.

Source: Federal District BdF

Edition: Flávia Quirino

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