Peru: Castillo assumes presidency on the day of

This July 28, Pedro Castillo, from the left-wing Peru Livre party, assumes the presidency of Peru, on the same day that the country celebrates 200 years of its independence.

The president of the bicentennial takes office after a close election, in which he won with 44,000 votes ahead and took a month and a half to have the results approved by the Electoral Court.

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Castillo promises to reform the constitution, create social programs to eradicate illiteracy in the country and increase investment in education to 10% of Peruvian GDP.

One of the first challenges will be facing the covid-19 pandemic, which has already infected 1.98 million Peruvians and generated 187,000 deaths, positioning Peru as the country with the highest fatality rate in the world: 5,941 deaths per 1 million population.

The new head of state promises to vaccinate the entire Peruvian population by the end of the year. So far, 12.2 million doses have been applied.

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At the inauguration ceremony, which begins at 11:30 am (Lima time), Brazil will be represented by the vice president, General Hamilton Mourão. The other South American representatives are: Presidents Luis Arce of Bolivia, Alberto Fernández of Argentina, Guillermo Lasso of Ecuador; Colombian Head of State Iván Duque, Chilean Sebasitán Piñera, and Chancellor Francisco Bustillo representing Uruguay. Spain sent King Felipe VI.

The cabinet of ministers should be sworn in at 4:30 pm today.

After a month and a half of waiting for the official results, Castillo received the credentials as president of the electoral authorities last Friday (23) / Sebastian Castaneda / AFP


The Peruvian Congress is made up of 130 deputies and was divided into ten benches, the largest being the ruling Peruvian party with 37 members, followed by the far-right organization Força Popular with 24 seats.

The government alliance was formed by the parties: Free Peru, Somos Peru, Morado Party and Together for Peru, totaling 54 congressmen.

The far right, represented by the parties Renovação Popular and Força Popular, nominated Jorge Montoya as a candidate for the legislative presidency, who ended up receiving only 10 votes.

Other parties formed a centre-right alliance to take over the leadership of Parliament. While the ticket entered by the ruling alliance was not accepted, accusing registration after the deadline.

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Thus, in the vote held last Monday (26), there were 50 blank votes against 69 votes, which elected María del Carmen Alva, of the center-left Popular Action party, the third largest force in the congress, to the presidency of the legislative period 2021-2022. The vice-presidents were Lady Camones, from Aliança para o Progresso, Patricia Chirinos, from Avança País, and Enrique Wong, from Podemos Peru.

María del Carmen defended unity for the strengthening of Peruvian democracy. “Let’s end the conflict between powers. The government must fulfill its task and the Legislative too,” she declared in her first speech as president of Congress.

On the other hand, deputy Enrique Wong has already stated that he believes “this is not the time” for a reform of the Constitution – Castillo’s main campaign proposal.

Edition: Rebeca Cavalcante

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