Pernambuco Artists Featured in Music Festival

With people from North to South of Brazil, the indigenous plurality will be evidenced during the third edition of the Indígenas.BR program, an online event held by Centro Cultural Vale Maranhão, from September 4th to 12th through Youtube. This year, indigenous music will be highlighted, with the exhibition of video clips, documentaries, conversation circles and unpublished materials by artists from all over Brazil, with emphasis on the singer-songwriter Gean Pankararu, considered a revelation of the new generation of Brazilian popular music, and Edivan Fulni-o.

From the Pernambuco hinterland in Jatobá, Gean Pankararu’s music crossed the boundaries of the Pankararu village, in the Mesoregion of São Francisco, where he was born and raised. In 2018, he was the first indigenous artist from the Northeast to be nominated for Canada’s Indigenous Music Awards, in the category of Best International Indigenous Artist.

Indigenous artist, singer and composer of the Fulni-ô people of Pernambuco, Edivan Fulni-ô now lives in São Paulo and has carried out authorial works that dialogue with contemporary issues. In his songs, he promotes the breaking of stereotypes about these historical figures, in a view of the world sung from the perspective of indigenous people and forests – the forest as a subject. For the event, Edivan met with the rap group Oz Guarani.

The festival will feature the production of 16 different peoples, coming from the five regions of Brazil: the Kariri Xico, the Pankararu and the Fulni-ô (PE), the Guarani (SP); the Tikuna (AM), the Kanela Ramkokamekrá and the Guajajara Tentehar (MA), the Wapichana (RR), the Huni Kuin (AC), the Kambeba and the Tupinambá (PA); the Kaingang (PR); the Guarani Kaiowa (MS) and the Wauja and Yawalapiti (MT); and the Mapuche people of Bolivia.

The festival aims to spread the diversity of musical productions made by indigenous artists from different parts of the country. “They are ancestral matrices of hundreds of peoples who lived here, long before the arrival of the Europeans. But there are also songs from today, created by young people aware of current realities in struggle for territories, in connection with contemporary languages ​​such as rap , hip hop and electronic music”, explains musician and researcher Magda Pucci.

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The audiovisual production of documentaries and video clips brings together featured films among indigenous productions in Brazil. Some of the attractions are the short film Nẽn Ga vi (Paola Gibram and Nyg Kaingang), Espírito da Floresta (Ibã Sales), the unreleased trailer of the TV series I’m modern, I’m Indian and the music video for ORE MBORAI – Multiethnic Orchestra. After the audiovisual screenings, chats will be held with the artists participating in the festival, on various current topics.

Source: BoF Pernambuco

Edition: Vanessa Gonzaga

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