Penultimate week of emergency aid withdrawals begins this

This week, between November 9th and 12th, workers born in May, June, July and August registered for emergency assistance through the website or application of Caixa Econômica Federal (CEF) or registered in the Cadastro Único (CadÚnico) can withdraw the seventh and last installment of the benefit.

The schedule of this last cycle foresees that the withdrawals will be released to all workers until the 19th of November. September, October, November and December birthdays welcome next week.

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How to withdraw?

The release of money is done in two steps. In the first one, it is necessary to access the “Caixa Tem” application and select the options “Withdrawal without card” and “Generate withdrawal code”. Afterwards, with the code in hand, the beneficiary has up to one hour to withdraw the money at lotteries or Caixa branches. The withdrawal is released according to the month of the registered person’s birthday.

Until then, money could only be moved digitally, allowing bill payment with the Caixa Tem application and purchases with the virtual card.

Brazil Aid

Created in 2020 due to the economic crisis intensified by the covid-19 pandemic, the emergency aid ended last October, with the last releases of loot in this month of November.

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According to the Minister of Citizenship, João Roma, as of this month of November, Auxílio Brasil will be implemented, which will replace Bolsa Família and emergency aid.

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For the beneficiaries of Auxílio Brasil, an adjustment of 20% will be made on the average amount paid to families. For workers enrolled in CadÚnico and who are in poverty and extreme poverty, there will be a minimum benefit of R$400.


The creation of Auxílio Brasil intends to overthrow Bolsa Família, which turned 18 on October 20th. The proposal to change the income transfer program was sent by President Jair Bolsonaro to the National Congress, in August this year, through Provisional Measure (MP) 1061/2021.

Bolsa Família is a popular program, cited in articles and manifestos, not only for its impact on different spheres of Brazilian society over the years, but also for the fact that it is being annihilated by the Bolsonaro government.

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The change, however, can reduce the number of beneficiaries. A report by Estadão, with data obtained through the Access to Information Law (LAI), showed that around 5.4 million beneficiaries may have a reduction in the benefit amount, which represents 37% of the 14.7 million of current beneficiaries of the program.

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