PE: Tuxá people open collective financing for construction of

In the hinterland of Itaparica, the city of Itacuruba (467 km from Recife) is considered an ancestral territory, which contains several traditional peoples and communities, such as the Pankará Serrote dos Campos, Tuxá Pajeú, Tuxa Campos, Quilombo Poços dos Cavalos, Quilombo Negro Gilu and Quilombo Ingazeira.

The municipality is also the place chosen by the Federal Government for the construction of a nuclear power plant in the Northeast, which has been causing conflicts and expelling people from the territories and expropriating possible ways of life.

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It is in this context that the Multiprofessional Residency in Family Health, with an emphasis on rural populations, is proposing actions – articulated between social movements, residents and people who decided to create a campaign – focusing on access to health and education in an integrated manner.

One of these actions is the construction of the Tuxá People’s library. To structure the initiative, collective funding was opened to collect donations to cover the costs of this construction, including all the necessary structure for the library to function, such as furniture, books, coverage of the site, among other things.

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Funding has three goals. The first, in the amount of R$ 2,200, will be used for the construction and assembly of the library; the second, of R$5,000, will be the expansion of the library and the purchase of new materials and books, and the last, of R$20,000, aims to build the first school for the Tuxá people.

In addition to the vaquinha, the campaign is also receiving donations of children’s books, literature and other materials with themes aimed at rural populations and traditional communities.

Source: BoF Pernambuco

Edition: Vanessa Gonzaga and Rebeca Cavalcante

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