PDT bench votes with government, provokes crisis in the party and

The votes of the PDT bench in the Chamber of Deputies in favor of the basic text of the PEC dos Precatório (Proposal for Amendment to the Constitution 23/21), proposed by the government of President Jair Bolsonaro (no party) to limit the amount of annual expenditure on court orders , triggered a crisis in the party.

Among the federal deputies of the acronym, there were 15 votes in favor of the text, six against and three abstentions. In reaction, Ciro Gomes announced this Thursday (4) the suspension of his pre-candidacy for the presidency by the party. The case put the fate of the PDT, on the eve of the 2022 election year, in check.

In a statement, the presidential candidate said that he gave up running the election until the party’s bench in the Chamber reassess the position of supporting the PEC dos Precatório, approved in the 1st round on Wednesday.

To conclude the vote on the matter in the 1st round, deputies need to analyze the highlights presented by the parties in an attempt to change parts of the proposal. There is no date set for this session yet.

The level of tension in the PDT reached the point where the president of the party, former minister Carlos Lupi, announced an action in the STF against the PEC dos Precatórios. He did not comment, however, on the approval of the pedetista caucus to the proposal.

Precatório are government debts contracted in court decisions, which may be related to tax, salary issues or any other cause in which the public power is defeated. The text is harshly criticized by specialists, opposition lawmakers and even the right-wing liberals.

The PEC was nicknamed by congressmen against the government as “PEC do Calote”, because it benefits the government by determining the correction of values ​​exclusively by the Selic Rate and by changing the way of calculating the Spending Ceiling. The text obtained 312 votes against 144.

Deputy Túlio Gadelha (PDT-PE), one of the six in the party to vote against the text, went to social networks to express himself on the subject. Gadelha wrote that “history will charge” party colleagues in the Chamber.

“Thousands of Brazilians, mainly professors, will be harmed if the PEC is approved. Amounts owed by the Union and recognized by the Justice, will not be paid next year. It will be a historic error if PDT and PSB vote in favor of the matter,” he wrote, a little earlier of approval.

One of the supporters in favor of the PEC, deputy André Figueiredo (PDT-CE), fellow citizen of Ciro Gomes, made an appeal for militancy on social networks. According to him, his vote was faithful to the party’s determination. The leader of the PDT in the Chamber, Deputy Wolney Queiroz (PDT-PE), did not publicly comment on the decision of the bench.

The episode refers to the vote on the Social Security Reform, in 2019, when pedetista deputies opposed the decision of the bench and voted in favor of the text sponsored by the Bolsonaro government. Congresswoman Tabata Amaral, now at the PSB, left the party in a legal fight that started after the case.

In a role reversal, Tabata voted against the Precatório PEC, while the leadership and most of the PDT bench were in favor of the government proposal. The conflict in the Social Security Reform caused the expulsion of the parliamentarian. In the new crisis, the outcome is unpredictable – and may even threaten Ciro’s candidacy in 2022.

Edition: Leandro Melito

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