PB: black women launch dossier on living conditions

Abayomi – Collective of Black Women in Paraíba, with the support of the Fund for Racial Equity (Baobá), launches this Friday (30), online, the Thematic Dossier: Black Women of Paraíba in the Context of the Covid Pandemic- 19. The event takes place from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm, through the Zoom platform.

The thematic dossier, in the format of e-book, was built by sixteen Education professionals, activists and scholars in the field of epistemology of blackness, specifically in the area of ​​black women, and aims to produce and disseminate information about the conditions of black women in Paraíba, considering the context of the covidence pandemic. 19.

The dossier was built from the perspective of combating racism, encouraging different sectors of the state of Paraíba to commit to the racial agenda, in the construction of public policies.

::The depth of the crisis in the lives of black women::

Durvalina Rodrigues, from Abayomi, considers the evening meeting for the presentation of the dossier to be of great importance. “It is a moment of reflection on the problematization of the current pandemic context and the situation of black women in our state”, highlights the activist.

“It is a document that will help the authorities to think about comprehensive public policies that will actually contribute to changes in the lives of these women. The dossier was produced with articles by black women from Paraíba who told their stories. In addition to the experiences brought by them, there is the part of women activists who study on the theme and bring their reflections and provocations in the face of the current pandemic context and all its crossings in the lives of these women”, adds Durvalina.

The dossier, conceived and carried out by Coletiva Abayomi, is the last action of the project financed by the Baobá Fund, entitled Buyìn Dudu – Moving Structures Against Racism in Paraíba. The project started in 2020, underwent a series of modifications to fit the requirements of the coronavirus pandemic context.


The authors, the collaborator, vice-rector of the State University of Paraíba (UEPB), Ivonildes Fonseca and the representative of Baobá, Fernanda Lopes; social movements and black women, as well as authorities from the State of Paraíba. Attendance is confirmed by filling out a form that will give access to the room 15 minutes before the start of the event.

Source: BoF Paraíba

Edition: Heloisa de Sousa

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