“Paulo Guedes failed”: Senate imposes defeat on government

The plenary of the Senate rejected, by 47 votes to 27, the Provisional Measure (MP) 1045, of the Bolsonaro government, which imposed a labor reform that removed the rights of employees with a formal contract. The vote, whose result came out this Wednesday night (1st), represents a defeat for the federal administration, which had the MP among the priorities of Economy Minister Paulo Guedes’ agenda.

The measure, which had already been approved in the Chamber of Deputies, created a hiring program that included basic guarantees for workers, such as the right to vacation, 13th salary and FGTS. It also provided for a modality of contracting work without a formal contract (called “Requip”) and without social security rights. In practice, it was the removal of elementary rights and achievements that had existed for decades in national labor legislation.

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Another point of the text reduced, for example, the payment of overtime for certain professional categories, such as journalists, bank employees and telemarketing operators. The MP also created embarrassments for labor inspection, including cases of work analogous to slavery.

Opposition parliamentarians celebrated the result of the vote on social media. Senator Weverton (PDT-MA), for example, mentioned the political difficulty that surrounded the preliminary assessment of the MP by the plenary.

“It was tough, but we achieved a victory for workers by rejecting MP 1045 in the Senate. Enough of precarious rights with the excuse of generating work. There are no new jobs and hunger is returning. Paulo Guedes failed. But we are not going to leave the account with the salaried”, he said, via Twitter.

Senator Paulo Paim (PT-RS), traditionally linked to labor issues, also celebrated the score, via twitter: “Victory for workers, young people, black people, people with disabilities, the poor, those who believe in and fight for a fair, egalitarian, democratic Brazil, with employment, income and social protection for all”.

As the provisional measures have immediate effects, the MP was in effect since April 27, when it was edited by President Jair Bolsonaro (no party) and Paulo Guedes, but is now invalidated. With that, the text will be archived.

The reduction of working hours and salaries, also foreseen in the MP, is not affected by the vote this Wednesday because it was expected to last 120 days and this interval ended on August 26th. Because of that, this particular stretch was no longer valid.

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Edition: Vinicius Segalla

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