Paraná may have severe water rotation in Curitiba and Region

The average level of the reservoirs of the Integrated Supply System of Curitiba and Metropolitan Region (SAIC) reached 49.7%, on Monday (2). This indicator leads the Paraná Sanitation Company (Sanepar) to study the possibility of implementing a more rigid model of water supply rotation as of the second half of August.

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Currently, residents of Curitiba and the Metropolitan Region are supplied for 60 hours continuously, with suspension of water supply for 36 hours.

The reduction in the volume of reserved water is due to the low rainfall during the month of July. Data from the Paraná Environmental Monitoring and Technology System (Simepar) show that in July the rains were 14.6 millimeters, while the historical average for this month is 92.4 millimeters. It was almost half of the rain in July 2020 (26 mm), which had already been low.

Balance shows decrease in rainfall / Sanepar Reproduction

“This index frustrated our expectation that the rains in July would be average. And the weather data is not positive. There is no rain forecast for the next 15 days. We are carrying out technical analyzes to decide whether it will be necessary to adopt a more rigid rotation”, says the director of Environment and Social Action at Sanepar, Julio Gonchorosky.

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The rotation of 60 hours for 36 hours took effect on March 15, when the level of the reservoirs was at 60%. “Little rainfall does not allow for the storage of water necessary to guarantee regular supply. We are still experiencing the climatic phenomenon of drought, so we need to act with caution, ensuring a minimum reserve”, he highlighted.

Source: BoF Paraná

Edition: Lia Bianchini

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