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Hello girls!

Tips on how to pack bags are always requested by readers of the blog, so I decided to post again this article that I did together with Mari, my partner in the image consultancy New Look Estilo, for the newspaper O Globo, in which we recorded a video. talking about some precious tips to assemble a functional suitcase !! It is not for nothing that everyone has a certain trauma of packing and finds a mission boring and difficult, right ?!

And as we are in the summer vacation season and Carnival is already here, I think it comes at a great time, don’t you think ?!

Press PLAY and write everything down!

I hope you like it and that these tips are very useful when packing.

But if you still want to enjoy your vacation without having to stop to think about the suitcase, we make this service for you and set up a functional suitcase with coordinated looks for your trip! Contact us by email

Good vacation!!! ????


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