Organizations issue notices to affected groups

In order to reduce the impacts of the crisis aggravated by the covid-19 pandemic in Brazil, this Thursday (26) will be launched a joint action of notices aimed at groups living in contexts of vulnerability. In all, R$ 2.5 million will be distributed to approved projects.

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The projects will be chosen within three priority areas: defense of rights; community resilience and economic sustainability of families; and food sovereignty of disadvantaged populations in the fight against the pandemic.

The initiative is structured by Aliança entre Fundos, an organization formed by the Baobá Fund for Racial Equity, the Brazil Human Rights Fund and the Casa Socioambiental Fund.

This is the first time that the three organizations have come together to promote a greater contribution of direct resources to indigenous peoples, quilombola communities and other traditional peoples most vulnerable to the pandemic. The notices will be released from September 9th.

Source: BoF Rio de Janeiro

Edition: Mariana Pitasse

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