Organization of Fora Bolsonaro reinforces health care and

The Fora Bolsonaro National Campaign, organized by organizations that are part of the Popular Brazil and People without Fear Fronts, joins the 27th Cry of the Excluded and Excluded, this Tuesday (7), to protest against inflation, unemployment, the Bolsonaro government and defend national sovereignty. The organization summons protesters to the acts throughout Brazil with health guidelines and safety alerts.

The recommendation is that the protesters wear PFF2 masks, alcohol gel and try to maintain social distance among those present. There will also be a team called the Sanitary Brigade, offering items such as masks and alcohol during the demonstrations.

::Check the agenda: 131 acts against Bolsonaro are scheduled for September 7th::

In addition to the strategies to avoid covid’s contagion, the organization also warns of security precautions. The general orientation is to avoid falling into provocations, as explained by the Psol militant and member of the Frente Povo sem Fear, Juliana Donato.

“The first guidance we’re giving is this: don’t fall for provocations, we don’t want conflict. The second thing is to be careful when moving to actions. Go, as far as possible, wearing neutral clothes and leave to wear shirts, flags , caps of organizations at the place of the act. And always traveling in groups”.

Our spirit is: let’s go to the streets in peace. We don’t want conflicts. They want conflict. They are the rifle and bullet gang, and we are not

“Runle Class”

Concern for the safety of the protesters arose after the far right and supporters of President Jair Bolsonaro (non-party) scheduled a street mobilization for the same day, which raised concerns about the president’s authoritarian escalation.

In Pernambuco, this Saturday (4), Bolsonaro returned to making anti-democratic statements. In a new “motorcycle” in the countryside, the president stated that some members of the Federal Supreme Court (STF) would need to “be framed” to respect the constitution and said he would be willing to “give his life for the motherland”. He also stated that, if this “framework” does not occur, “the tendency is for a rupture to occur”. The president also pointed out that the demonstrations, called by his supporters, would put ministers “in their proper place.”

:: Interaction of police officers with content from PocketNA members shoots out on the eve of September 7th ::

Juliana Donato, militant of the PSOL and of the People without Fear Front, highlighted the symbolism of the union between Fora Bolsonaro and Cry of Excluded and Excluded, in an interview with the program Central do Brasil / Reproduction/Central do Brasil

So far, more than 130 cities have confirmed the act against President Jair Bolsonaro. The Cry of the Excluded and Excluded is a historic mobilization that unites sectors of the Catholic Church, parties, unions and popular movements, in an act always on the day of Independence in Brazil. The movement’s proposal is to vocalize a popular and democratic vision for the country. The theme of this year’s edition is “Life comes first — in the struggle for popular participation, health, food, housing, work and income now!”

::For the 27th consecutive year, Grito dos Excluídos takes to the streets of Brasília on September 7th::

This year, the act incorporates the National Campaign Fora Bolsonaro, who occupy the streets of the country denouncing the government’s negligence in the fight against the pandemic. The central agenda of the mobilization has been more speed in the vaccination campaign, emergency aid in the amount of R$ 600.00 and the impeachment of the president. This will be the fifth mobilization since May.

“Traditionally, the seventh of September is already a date when social movements take to the streets to denounce this false independence. The differential of this mobilization is that we aggregate the entire agenda of the mobilization of Fora Bolsonaro with the agendas that the Cry of the Already excluded, which has everything to do, because all of them are connected with the need to defeat this government,” explained Juliana Donato.

“Our spirit is: let’s go to the streets in peace. We don’t want conflicts. They want conflict. Brazil.

Edition: Lucas Weber

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