Opposition calls for impeachment of Mexican president

The coordinator of the National Front against Andrés Manuel López Obrador, Gilberto Lozano, handed over the impeachment request against the Mexican president to the Chamber of Deputies last Tuesday (28). The “Frena”, made up of 67 “spokespersons” who call themselves “apolitical”, also calls for a national demonstration in Mexico City on 9 October to demand the repeal of the presidential mandate.

The complaint contains 84 pages and 22 attachments, accusing the current head of state of abuse of authority, negligence in managing the pandemic and omission regarding public safety in Mexico. They also point out as reasons for the impeachment the hiring of Cuban doctors and the reception of dialogues between the Venezuelan government and opposition.

Lozano is a businessman and was secretary of government during the administration of Vicente Fox (2000-2006) — one of the former presidents who could be investigated for crimes against the state.

In addition to the Anti-AMLO National Front, Gilberto Lozano is the founder of the National Citizens Congress and Mexican Evolution, civil organizations that propose to “sweep Mexico’s garbage.”

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On its website, Frente, created in 2020, calls itself a social movement, which will not become a political party. His goal is to overthrow the “Bolivarian dictator before November 30 of this year”. The departure of AMLO before the middle of its term would imply a new general election.

This Thursday (30), López Obrador stated that social transformations in Mexico have always been accompanied by resistance from conservative thinking, but that the spaces for debate for public opinion will not be restricted for that reason. For the president, the country is experiencing “stellar” moments in history when at least two political currents are revealed: one liberal and the other conservative.

“As conservatism we can include fascism, militarism, neoliberalism, and to liberalism we can include communism, socialism and what they usually call populism,” he declared.

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On September 14th, the federal law of revocation of mandate was published, which foresees the possibility of holding a referendum to replace governors, from the middle of the term of office. In the case of AMLO, it would be from 2022.

The law provides that signatures of 3% of the electorate in the country’s 17 states are required to trigger the recall referendum process. If the consultation has at least 40% participation and an absolute majority votes for the end of the term, the president must step down.

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