On the eve of November 20, Justice withdraws

The High Court of Sports Justice (STJD) decided, on Thursday (18), to return the three points to the Brusque team, from Santa Catarina, which had been withdrawn as punishment, due to the racist statements of Julio Antônio Petermann , manager of the club, on August 26 this year, against player Celsinho, from Londrina.

The decision comes on the eve of the International Day of Black Consciousness, which is respected on November 20th. During the hearing, the lawyer Brusque, Osvaldo Sestário, relativized racism at various times.

“The hair of Brusque employees looks like Celsinho’s and they don’t think it’s racism,” said Sestário.

“Cachopa, I didn’t know what it was, nor did the athlete say he knew. Bee hair can be an offense, but a white player who has hair, let’s quote David Luiz, he can be called that. Was it a racial slur? Brusque’s athletes have hair similar to Celsinho.”

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Celsinho’s lawyer countered. “This comment by Brusque’s lawyer that he’s not racist, but he even has a little nigga friend. Until when will we accept this? The lawyer – a white man – said he knows what Celsinho is feeling. Really know? Does he know?” he asked.

With the return of points, Brusque jumps to 44 points, is 14th, ahead of Londrina, and can escape relegation to Serie C. The Santa Catarina team will receive, next Friday (19), Operário, from Mato Grosso, and can enshrine his permanence in Series B.

the case

On August 26 this year, Londrina faced Brusque in Santa Catarina. The match was stopped at 45 minutes of the 1st Half, when Celsinho complained that he had been offended by Julio Antônio Petermann, director of Brusque.

From the stands, Petermann shouted at Celsinho. “Go cut that hair, you bee curl.” The case was registered in the game’s scoresheet and Brusque released an unfortunate note the following day.

Edition: Leandro Melito

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