Number of schools in the Federal District with cases of Covid-19

In ten days, the number of public schools in the Federal District with confirmed cases of covid-19 jumped from 69 to 98. who have been closely following the records.

Deputy Arlete Sampaio’s chief of staff, Gabriel Magno, who makes up the committee, points out that the group’s assessment is that in recent weeks the number of cases has increased considerably. For him, one of the problems is the protocol of the Department of Health in relation to cases registered in the education system. “The orientation is very vague and confusing. Many schools still do not know how to proceed in the positive cases that appear”.

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Magno reports that “some schools still complain about the lack of servers, for example, for sanitary tasks”, such as temperature measurement and cleaning. He informed that the demands presented are forwarded to the GDF for action.

Samuel Fernandes, director of Sinpro-DF, reiterates the fragility of the protocols given to the public education system. “The correct thing would be a specific protocol for schools, having a case, either student or teacher, classes should be suspended immediately and everyone who had contact should undergo mass testing to avoid further contamination.”

The teacher says that category is scared due to the growing number of cases in schools.

“With this new variant, Delta, which has a high level of contamination, the concern is even greater because of the conditions in schools. Many classrooms do not have adequate ventilation, the masks provided by the government are not suitable for students. The lack of cafeterias in most schools forces students to eat inside the classroom, without wearing a mask. So if a student gets contaminated, it ends up spreading to the others” warns Fernandes.

The director explains that if the number of cases continues to increase, the category will decide in an assembly on the continuity or suspension of classes. “We have an assembly scheduled for this month of September.”

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The Monitoring Committee was set up in early August with the face-to-face return from classes and has the participation of the Education, Health and Culture Commission, the Brasília Bar Association (OAB), Public Defender’s Office, DF Health Council, Observatory of Physical Education of FE-UnB, Union of Teachers of the Federal District (SINPRO), Union of Workers in Public Schools in the Federal District (SAE) and the Union of High School Students of the Federal District (UESDF).

The channel aims to monitor the return to classroom classes in the DF and receive reports and complaints in case of non-compliance with sanitary rules, problems with school structures, allegations of contagion, lack of conditions and sanitation.


For reports and complaints, you can access a hotline with Sinpro-DF via WhatsApp (61) 99959-0105 or with CESC/CLDF via WhatsApp at (61) 98450-8155 and via email [email protected]

Source: Federal District BdF

Edition: Flávia Quirino

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