Niterói determines mandatory vaccination for servers

Two days after the City of Rio de Janeiro determined mandatory vaccination against covid-19 for municipal employees, the City of Niterói, in the metropolitan region, also took the same measure.

Niterói’s decree was published this Friday (20) in the Official Gazette and applies to both career employees and outsourced workers.

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The measure also establishes that the employee is required to present proof of vaccination if there is a request by the head. Employees who do not want to be vaccinated will be subject to sanctions provided for by law, since the act is characterized as a disciplinary offense.

To establish mandatory vaccination, the city halls of Rio and Niterói considered Federal Law 13,979, of February 6, 2020, according to which, in order to face the public health emergency resulting from the coronavirus, the authorities may, within their powers, determine compulsory vaccination and the adoption of other prophylactic measures.

Source: BoF Rio de Janeiro

Edition: Mariana Pitasse

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