Nicaragua announces termination of the Organization of

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Nicaragua, Dennis Moncada, announced this Friday (19th) the country’s disengagement from the Organization of American States (OAS). The decision was prompted by the last resolution passed by the OAS, during its 51st General Assembly, which questions the legitimacy of the general elections held on November 7 in Nicaragua.

The Nicaraguan Congress had approved the resolution to begin the process of disengagement from the OAS last Tuesday (16), right after the imposition of new economic sanctions by the United States and statements by Luis Almagro, Secretary General of the OAS.

The president of the Nicaraguan National Assembly, Gustavo Porras (FLSN), stated that the organization is “internationally discredited and discredited”. Still referring to former Venezuelan president Hugo Chávez, the Nicaraguan deputy said that the OAS is a “kind of ministry of colonies of the Yankee empire.”

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Parliamentarians also urged the other Nicaraguan powers to reject the OAS resolution on the elections.

“Nicaragua promotes and defends respect for the principles of International Law, the United Nations Charter, the non-interference in internal affairs, the abstention from the use of force and threats, and the non-imposition of unilateral and coercive measures”, declared the chancellor .

Nicaragua now begins the process provided for in Article 143 of the OAS, which states its letter “may be denounced by any Member State, in written communication to the General Secretariat. After two years of written notification, the denouncing State will be disconnected from the Organization” .

Venezuela was the first country to officially leave the OAS, in 2019, also motivated by the organization’s support for attempted coup d’etats.

Its consequences The direct results of the organization’s exit depend on the Nicaraguan State’s relationship with other multilateral organizations. Starting in 2023, Nicaragua would also lose its representation in the Court and in the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, as well as, theoretically, it would not be able to access financing and credit from the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB).

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What is the OAS?

The origins of the OAS date back to the First International Conference of American States, in Washington, USA, from October 1889 to April 1890. It aimed to “discuss and recommend the adoption of an arbitration plan for the resolution of disputes and disputes that may arise between countries, through commercial exchange and direct communication between these countries,” according to the opening statement.

The Organization was officially founded in 1948, in Bogotá, Colombia, with the signing of the OAS Charter by the 35 nation-states of America, with the aim of promoting unity in economic development and the defense of the continent. Since then, Cuba has been expelled in 1962, right after the socialist revolution, and Venezuela disbanded in 2019.

Edition: Arturo Hartmann

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