Next manifestation of the National Campaign Fora Bolsonaro

The next manifestation of the Fora Bolsonaro National Campaign will be on September 7, when the Independence of Brazil is commemorated. Among the organizers of the demonstration are the Brazil Popular and People without Fear fronts, which together bring together more than a hundred social organizations.

The Fora Bolsonaro National Campaign, created in June 2020, also brings together union centrals and various parties, such as PT, PSB, PDT, PSOL, PCdoB, PSTU, PCB, PCO and UP.

During the month of August, the campaign will endorse dates already provided for in the calendar, such as August 11, when the student movement usually organizes demonstrations to mark Student Day, and August 18, Civil Servant Day, when workers also do acts.

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“The National Campaign Fora Bolsonaro will return to the streets on August 18, supporting the struggle of workers and workers in the public service, plus the whole population that depends on the public service that is being brutally attacked with the PEC 32, of the Administrative Reform “, emphasizes Edson Índio, from the Frente Povo Sem Fedo.

The dates of the August demonstrations also serve to expand the mobilization of September 7th, highlights Jessy Dayane, from the Frente Brasil Popular. “From here until then, in the month of August, build a process of accumulation of forces, of agitation, of taking root and mobilization to further expand the struggle for Fora Bolsonaro”.

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According to Dayane, the mobilizations throughout August will be important for September, “considering that these demonstrations produced an important strain against the government.” But she emphasizes that it is necessary to broaden the horizon. poorer and who is being the main victim of this government”.

Edition: Leandro Melito

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