Next act against Bolsonaro summoned by the left must

Left-wing popular parties and movements await the definition of the delivery date of the final report of the CPI on the Pandemic to mark the next demonstration against President Jair Bolsonaro (no party). Thus, the pressure on the president would be even greater and would force the National Congress to advance in impeachment.

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The CPI report must be released by September 30th. Therefore, the demonstration against Bolsonaro could take place on the weekend of October 2nd and 3rd, when discontent with the President of the Republic should increase, with the news of his indictment.

“The left’s biggest effort is to try to make a permanent agenda for occupying the streets of the country. We have not yet hammered out whether it will be the 2nd or the 3rd, because it depends on the opposition parties; we indicate the 2nd, which is just after the CPI report, which could be a manifestation that will signal to the government the social problems that our people are experiencing”, says João Paulo Rodrigues, of the national coordination of the Landless Rural Workers Movement (MST) .

According to senator Randolfe Rodrigues (Rede-AP), rapporteur of the CPI of the Pandemic, in an interview with Brasil de Fato, the final text should impute a crime of responsibility to the president on account of the management of the crisis generated by the coronavirus. Bolsonaro can be indicted, according to the parliamentarian, for charlatanism, faith healing and false propaganda.

In addition to the report, Rodrigues lists other guidelines, which should appear in the acts. “We are going to work on the next mobilizations, the price of electricity, fuel, gas, the price of food and hunger. It is important to keep Fora Bolsonaro at the forefront, but it has to be combined with the problems of our people.”

The suggestion of the date mentioned by the MST leader already appeared in the note released by the National Campaign Fora Bolsonaro, last Friday (10). “In line with the opposition parties that met and pointed to the construction of mobilizations for the beginning of October, we have indicated October 2 as the date of the next mobilization by Fora Bolsonaro and Impeachment already.”

Edition: Mauro Ramos

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