New Brasil de Fato podcast discusses politics with José

The main facts of the week in national and international politics analyzed from the perspective of popular sectors, in a relaxed chat. this is the proposal Three for Four – Portrait of Brazil, new podcast of Brazil in fact what brings together former minister José Dirceu, jurist Carol Proner and economist Juliane Furno.

According to a 2018 Ibope survey, around 40% of internet users have already listened to a podcast at least once. This type of program allows for innovations in format as well as content. For listeners, there is still the benefit of following the episodes whenever they prefer. O three for four it always airs on Fridays, but you can follow it whenever you want.

“In the last period, we have a very large emergence of podcasts that have been consolidated as a new communication tool”, emphasizes journalist Igor Felippe, who will mediate the episodes.

In the new production of Brazil in fact, the listener will follow reflections on themes from the political universe that were highlighted during the week, in light and humorous dialogues. “Perhaps the image is much less a plenary of social movements and much more a bar table where we obviously dialogue with foundation, with rigor, with preparation”, reveals the economist.

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Furno, Proner and Dirceu will unite knowledge to deepen themes and offer content that serves both the public already involved with the agendas of politics and popular movements, as well as people who are farther away from these subjects and seek information with a theoretical foundation and rigor.

“That it subsidizes militants, progressives, those interested in Brazilian politics, with quality information with a critical, dialectical view, linked to a theoretical rigor of those who analyze the situation but also those who participate in political organizations; with that hint of irreverence, relaxation so that it is no longer a formal space”, completes Furno.

Edition: Leandro Melito

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