MST begins tourism experience in settlement in the Zona da

Saturday (25th) was the day for some people to get to know the Landless Workers and Rural Workers Movement (MST) from within. Agrarian Reform Tourism, as the initiative is called, is carried out by the Dénis Gonçalves settlement in the city of Goianá, 40 km from Juiz de Fora (MG).

The visit itinerary included breakfast and lunch. Divided into 4 groups, the 40 visitors were able to choose from one of the following activities.

Visit to MST producers: visitors were able to get to know the vegetable gardens and the landless producers of agro-ecological food. They also witnessed the planting of native seedlings through the national plan to Plant Trees, Produce Healthy Food.

Hike to Toca da India: the site was used as an indigenous cemetery, belonging to an ethnic group from the macro-jê trunk, probably Maxakali, Kanacam or Makuni, more than 600 years ago, before the arrival of European settlers in the country. In an excavation in 1874 the mummies of a young woman and two children were found. Today, the cave is in the territory of the Dénis Gonçalves Settlement.

Bird watching: the Serra da Babilônia, in the settlement, and its surroundings has a record of the presence of 260 species of birds. There are sitars, choquinhas, araçaris, woodpeckers, owls, herons, ducks, saracuras and many others.


According to the coordinator of the MST, Priscila Araújo, Agrarian Reform Tourism is a way of offering society as a whole access to the natural and cultural assets of the movement’s territories.

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The tourist visit, with breakfast and lunch, costs R$ 60 per person. The next packages are being organized by WhatsApp 32 9 9844-7212. More information on Instagram Tourism MST.

The experience has the support of the Chácara City Hall, the Cultural Center of Goianá, the Juiz de Fora Bird Observation Center / COA-JF and the Federal University of Juiz de Fora.

Source: BoF Minas Gerais

Edition: Elis Almeida

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