Movements and social entities deliver “letter for life” in

In an open letter to the mayor of Curitiba, Rafael Greca (DEM), more than 180 people and entities linked to popular movements, unions, the university asked that measures be taken to stop the persecution of councilor Renato Freitas (PT) by the police , among them the municipal civil guard of the capital of Paraná.

Among other incidents, Renato was arrested twice this year, in June and July, the most recent of which, with violence, by the municipal guard, when he was calling for an act against Bolsonaro in downtown Curitiba.

In the document delivered to the municipal secretary of Social Defense and Traffic, Péricles de Matos, on Tuesday (30), a parallel is made between the situation of Renato Freitas and that of Marielle Franco, who was eventually murdered in 2018.

“If you [prefeito] not taking urgent action, what we are warning will eventually happen. […] Here we remember the murder of the black councilor of Rio de Janeiro Marielle Franco, until today without an indication of the principals. We do not want the same to happen to Councilor Renato Freitas”, states the document.

Recalling the structural racism of Brazilian security forces, the letter also suggests a change in the formation of public security in the city.

“We recommend that the formation process of the Municipal Guard urgently includes the study of race relations and that awareness of that corporation be fostered. Racism is a crime!”.

The organizers intended to deliver the letter to the mayor, who did not schedule the meeting, brokered by councilwoman Josete (PT). The secretary received the document and, according to the report of participants at the meeting, undertook to schedule a series of meetings to address a “positive agenda” for the performance and training of the municipal guard.

“The meeting was positive, mainly because it proposed periodic meetings to discuss the role and formation of the Guard and the situation of Renato”, points out Nivaldo S. Arruda, president of the Cultural Association of Negritude and Popular Action of Paraná.

“But we need to see if it does, because in the mayor’s view of Curitiba, blacks and people who live on the outskirts are not part of it”, he says.

Source: BoF Paraná

Edition: Lia Bianchini

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