Mothers and fathers charge the right to hold remote classes until

Fathers and mothers of students from the state education system held a protest in front of the Paraná State Department of Education, this Thursday (14). In an act organized with the support of APP-Sindicato, family members denounced the measure taken by the Ratinho Jr administration to force return attendance for state public education students. The claim is for the right to continue opting for remote learning at least until adolescents complete the immunization against the coronavirus.

“My children haven’t even had the first dose yet and now the government wants a return to the classroom, with 30, 40 or even 50 students in a class. I’m a retired teacher and I know what I’m talking about. I have comorbidities, my children stayed at home watching classes and everything worked out. First the vaccine and then the return”, says a mother who participated in the act and did not want to be identified.

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Fathers and mothers want their children to be fully immunized before returning to face-to-face classes / Giorgia Prates

Lack of security

Recently the State Audit Court (TCE) presented a report pointing out that schools face structural problems in receiving students. A significant part of the schools in the state education system in Paraná are not fully adequate to receive back their students, teachers and employees, who have been away from classroom classes for months due to the Covid-19 pandemic. This is what the preliminary audit report carried out by the First External Control Inspectorate (1st ICE) of the State Court of Auditors (TCE-PR) points out on compliance with the protocols for the prevention of contagion by the new coronavirus by educational institutions.

Along with the lack of conditions to ensure coronavirus prevention in schools, many families still feel insecure due to the delay in vaccinating adolescents in Paraná. After the protest, APP Sindicato requested a meeting between the fathers and mothers and the Secretary of Education of Paraná, but has not yet received a response. APP-Sindicato also defends that the government and the Public Ministry of Paraná (MP-PR) receive mothers and fathers to seek a solution.

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In a statement, the press office of the Department of Education said that “it respects the parents’ position, but understands that classroom teaching is essential for the learning of students. In addition, the vaccination of adolescents aged 12 to 17 is already is in progress throughout the state and the online modality (remote) is maintained for students who are in isolation or quarantined for Covid-19, as well as for those with comorbidity, at medical discretion, or in classes at schools where it exists the relay for the need for detachment”.

Source: BoF Paraná

Edition: Ana Carolina Caldas

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