Ministry of Labor does not exist on a transparency website

After 2 months of its re-creation in the administrative structure of the federal government, the Ministry of Labor and Social Security (MTPS) does not exist in Fala.BR, a platform that integrates the Ombudsman and Access to Information services maintained by the Executive.

As it is not recognized as a body capable of receiving manifestations in the electronic system, the folder has been completely shielded for exactly 60 days from receiving requests for access to information, based on the Access to Information Law (LAI).

::Number of users dissatisfied with the Ombudsman system soars in Bolsonaro management::

System ignores re-creation of Ministry of Labor / Reproduction/Fala.BR

The MTPS is also not included in the Consulta E-Sic, a government website that gathers in real time all the responses to requests for access to information that are processed by the Executive.

Base of responses to requests for access to information also does not consider MTPS / Reproduction / E-SIC Query

Sought out by the report this Monday (27), the Federal Comptroller General, responsible for managing Fala.BR, did not respond to the report’s questions. The MTPS also did not meet the demands made by the Brazil in fact. The space remains open for demonstrations.

The portfolio was refounded in June this year to accommodate its current head, Minister Onyx Lorenzoni, who has already occupied three other portfolios in the government of President Jair Bolsonaro. Created in 1930, the Ministry of Labor had been incorporated into the Ministry of Economy at the beginning of the administration.

Published on July 28 in the Official Gazette of the Union, MP 1,058 established the transfer of competence and bodies of the portfolio headed by Paulo Guedes to the new ministry.

:: Mourão modifies the Access to Information Law and makes access to government data difficult ::

The text, which amended Law 13,844, of 2019, which deals with the basic organization of the bodies of the Presidency of the Republic and of the Ministries, also provided for the transfer of personnel to the new portfolio and the transformation of positions into commissions and functions of trust.

The new ministry is responsible for areas such as social security; policy and guidelines for employment and income generation; wage policy; and labor inspection. Among the bodies that make up the portfolio are the Board of Trustees of the Employment Guarantee Fund (FGTS) and the Deliberative Board of the Workers’ Support Fund (FAT).

Edition: Vinícius Segalla

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