MG: Marielle Franco’s Day is approved in the first round by the

Last Thursday (5), at the 4th Ordinary Session of August, the City Council of Uberlândia approved the “Day of Marielle Franco: Day to Combat Political Violence against Black, LGBTQIA+ and Peripheral Women”. The first round vote had only five votes against.

If approved in the second round, the date will be set from 2022 on March 14, recalling the day Marielle Franco was murdered in Rio de Janeiro in 2018.

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The project is authored by councilor Dandara Tonantzin (PT) and was approved by symbolic vote. In plenary, Dandara explained that the proposal is part of the Marielle Franco agenda. “A treaty for the defense of human rights, a commitment signed by black councilors and from the progressive countryside across the country,” she says. The objective is to foster debates and fight political violence faced by black leaders.


A study by the Marielle Franco Institute in 2020 found that 78% of female candidates for political office suffered virtual violence in the last elections, 62% suffered moral and psychological violence and 55% racist violence.

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Ana Eliza Barreiro, advisor to councilor Dandara Tonantzin, classified the approval of the date as an advance. “The expectation of the mandate is to promote a discussion about the rights of democratically elected black women, as it is not enough just to elect them, it is necessary to have conditions for them to work safely”, she warned.

“Having a day to reflect on our struggles and in honor of Marielle Franco means resistance. It means saying that our lives matter, that we will not accept violence, that we want respect and dignity”, added Ana Eliza.

Most councilors and councilors, in plenary, congratulated the initiative and emphasized the need to combat the historical erasure of black women in politics. Only five councilors, all men, voted against the proposal.

Now, the project is going through a second round in the Chamber and, if approved, it will be sent to the executive for sanction.

Source: BoF Minas Gerais

Edition: Rafaella Dotta

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