MEIs have until September 30 to settle debts with

Individual micro-entrepreneurs (MEIs) have until September 30 to settle their debts with the Federal Revenue. The measure affects taxpayers with debts for the year 2016 and who have not paid in 2021 their debts. The debts that are open in the month of October will be registered in the Active Debt of the Union.

Professionals with debts from 2017, later or who have paid in installments in 2021, will not have their debts sent at this time to the Attorney General of the National Treasury (PGFN).

Despite losing several tax benefits and social security rights, the MEI in debt to the Federal Revenue does not have its CNPJ cancelled.

To regularize the situation, the microentrepreneur must issue the delayed forms in the Individual Microentrepreneur DAS Generator Program. On the website, there is also the option to pay the debt in installments. The portal itself provides the value and amount of installments that will be paid.

According to the Brazil Agency, Based on data from the Federal Revenue, there are 4.3 million defaulting micro-entrepreneurs, who owe R$5.5 billion to the government. This is equivalent to almost a third of the 12.4 million MEI registered in the country.

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It is worth remembering that enrollment in active debt only applies to unpaid debts exceeding R$1,000, including principal, fine, interest and other charges. Currently, the 1.8 million MEI in this situation owes R$ 4.5 billion.

According to a report from Extra, in addition to the judicial collection of the debt, there are other consequences for those who are enrolled in the Active Debt. One possibility is that of no longer being insured by the INSS, losing access to social security benefits, such as retirement and sick pay. The taxpayer can also be excluded from the Simples Nacional regime and find it difficult to obtain financing and loans.

The Internal Revenue Service provides a manual for questions and answers about the MEI and Simples Nacional. You can consult it by clicking here.

Source: BoF Rio de Janeiro

Edition: Jaqueline Deister

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