Marilene Dantas Melo, MST activist from Paraíba, dies

“Health is the ability to fight against everything that oppresses us”, it is with this message that the Movement of Landless Workers and Rural Workers of Paraíba (MST-PB) bids farewell to activist Marilene Dantas Melo, who dedicated years of her life to the MST.

Marilene died today at 1:20 pm, due to complications from pancreatic cancer. The wake was held on Thursday (2), at the Velório Morada da Paz Center, in João Pessoa. The burial will take place this Friday (3), at 4 pm, at the Senhor da Boa Morte Cemetery, in Bayeux.

“The pain we all feel today is due to the greatness of the companion we lost. But people like Marilene don’t die! Marilene marked the history of the MST and Popular Health Agents. She participated in the State Coordination of the movement in Paraíba and had a dedicated life defense of mother earth and agroecology. She defended the plants as if they were children! In this difficult time, we call everyone to plant a tree in honor of the memory of Marilene and her legacy of love for life! Marilene present, today and always !”, said the MST-PB in honor of Marilene.

Source: BoF Paraíba

Edition: Heloisa de Sousa

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