Mandatory face-to-face class back in PR, but parents have to

After the departure of public school principals in Paraná for not reaching a supposed goal established by the State Department of Education (Seed) for students in classroom classes, there are also complaints from fathers and mothers who say they are being pressured to take their children. However, the families rely on the decrees of the state government itself, which guarantee them the right to opt for online education due to the pandemic, which has not ended.

“We all know that there are still no vaccines for the children, and many of them are being hospitalized because of the virus. Now, the school has warned that the secretariat has said it is mandatory for children to go to school. But you have to sign a liability waiver if anything happens to your child. I’m forced to send it because they say they’re going to send the Guardianship Council to knock on my door,” says Edna Elaine Bacilli, mother of an 8-year-old boy who attends a state school.

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Edna also says that other parents in the region where she lives, in the CIC neighborhood, are also being pressured. “With less than three months to finish school, now this pressure that we take even without vaccine, many teachers were also not vaccinated and it seems that the pandemic is over. Many parents here were taken by surprise with this order from the schools to send their children”, he says.

Officially, on the part of the state government, there is no regulation or decree that obliges the return to in-person classes.

online difficulties

APP-Sindicato, which represents teachers and school employees, also received statements from fathers and mothers about the Secretariat hindering access to online classes for students who are attending at home.

“I felt like a clown, because I went to school, signed, explained, wrote with my own hand that I would not send my son because they are not following the distance and he is not vaccinated. Even so, they stopped sending the link and I was left with nothing to do”, says, in a report made to the union, a mother who chose not to identify herself and whose son is studying at Colégio Estadual Cívico-Military Unit Polo, in Campo Mourão.

Insecurity increased when the mother visited the school. “When the reports go through, there is a portfolio, a space and another portfolio. In the room I visited, there is one desk after another and 25, 26 students. The room was packed. I even talked to the teacher and she said: ‘this is our reality’”, she reports.

Professor Walkiria Olegário Mazetto, director of APP-Sindicato, says that the Department of Education does not comply with its own legislation. “Both Sesa [Secretaria de Estado da Saúde] as Seed have laws that guarantee the choice of these fathers and mothers about the option they wish to attend classes. But even so, the secretariat has been pressing. The union is in constant dialogue and support with families and students, providing support so that they have their rights guaranteed”, he explains.

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What does the Secretariat say

In a statement, the State Department of Education stated:

“Schools are in contact with parents and guardians of students so that they can justify non-return (Circular Official Letter 051/2021). The intention is that schools in the public education network safely receive a greater number of students, motivating them to stay, since remote teaching contributes to learning, but does not replace the pedagogical activities offered in person. . Reasons not related to health issues or problems in school transport will be forwarded for monitoring by the local Protection Network.”

Source: BoF Paraná

Edition: Frédi Vasconcelos and Lia Bianchini

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