Lula takes a stand on Galo’s arrest and questions

Former president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva spoke on his Twitter account about the arrest of app delivery guy Paulo Roberto da Silva Lima, known as Galo, and his wife Géssica this Wednesday (28). “It is impressive how quickly the state orders the arrest of someone for burning a statue, but to date it has not been able to find out who threw a bomb at the Lula Institute, who shot at the caravan bus and who ordered the killing of Marielle Franco,” he said.

The Civil Police of São Paulo is investigating those allegedly involved in the fire set around the statue of Borba Gato, last Saturday (24), in the south zone of São Paulo.

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The collective “Revolução Periférica” has already assumed responsibility for the act, which did not cause any structural damage to the monument, made of concrete and covered with ceramics. Galo claimed to be one of the authors of the protest. Gessica, on the other hand, was not even present at the time of the incident. They have a 3 year old daughter. Substitute judge Gabriela Marques da Silva Bertoli is the one who signs the arrest warrants.

Last Saturday’s act at the statue of Borba Gato is part of a series of actions that defend the demolition of monuments that exalt characters of the enslavement of Afro-descendant and indigenous peoples. In the case of Manuel de Borba Gato, he made his fortune, in the second half of the 17th century, hunting indigenous people across the country’s backlands to enslave them.

::What does it mean to remove statues of slavers from public space?::

Through Twitter, Guilherme Boulos, coordinator of the Homeless Workers Movement (MTST), also expressed his indignation with the news:

Also through social networks, councilor Luana Alves (PSOL-SP) raised the issue of machismo involving the arrest of the protester’s wife:

Federal Deputy Ivan Valente (PSOL-SP) showed the irony of having a tribute to a person like Borba Gato. “Enough of political persecution. The statue of Borba Gato should be in a museum like the one on the Holocaust, to remind that slavers, genociders and rapists should not be honored,” he said.

Federal deputy Glauber Braga (PSOL-RJ) recorded a video in support of the deliveryman and his wife. “All this because he’s fighting. Fighting against a statue that shouldn’t even be in the public square. A guy who committed all kinds of atrocity. And now they want to decree that fighting is a crime,” he said.

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