Lula gets emotional in a meeting with scavengers in the DF and listens

Former president Lula (PT) was on Thursday morning (7) in Brasília, at the Integrated Recycling Complex of the Federal District, at an event organized by the National Movement of Recyclable Material Collectors.

During the activity, the PT member was moved by speeches made by workers and said that “many people in society do not give and have no idea of ​​the meaning and importance of the work of collectors”.

“I couldn’t stop talking about the affection I have for you. During all the time I was President of the Republic, every December 23, I made a point of meeting with you, the homeless, the waste pickers, so that we could hold our meetings, have our coffee, announce the attendance of the agendas of claim and receive the agenda for the following year”, he declared.

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“Maybe that’s the reason why people hate the PT and me so much. Many people preferred that I was playing golf with the Brazilian elite instead of being with the people, under the viaduct, talking to a recyclable material collector. Elections do not say the result before, but if the PT comes back to govern this country, we will meet again every year to discuss the future of the category”, he said.

“This country will never be the country of our dreams if the poor don’t have rights,” Lula said. “It is not possible that a woman who earns R$ 500 does not have a house subsidized by the government. It is possible to create a financing policy that the poorest people need. The Brazilian people must once again assume responsibility for governing this country.”

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Lula also commented on the advance of hunger in the country: “Brazil is the biggest meat producer in the world and you know that, in a state like Mato Grosso, which has millions of heads of cattle, people go to the butcher’s door because they don’t have money to buy half a kilo of meat or chicken. It’s not normal for the poor to pay the same tax as the owners of Itaú, Santander and Bradesco. The poor people need to go to the budget and the rich to the Income Tax.” .

The activity brought together presidents of waste picker cooperatives in the region, federal deputies, leaders of social and popular movements. About 300 people attended the event. The following congressmen were present at the ceremony: federal deputies Gleisi Hoffmann (PT-PR), Erika Kokay (PT-DF), Elvino Bohn Gass (PT-RS) and Paulo Pimenta (PT-RS), and district deputies Alexia Sampaio (PT), Chico Vigilante (PT) and Leandro Grass (Network).

Also present were the Secretary for the Environment of the Federal District, José Sarney Filho, the president of the Central Única dos Trabalhadores (CUT-DF), Rodrigo Rodrigues, and the representative of the cooperatives, Paulete Ferreira.

Collectors: “Don’t stop fighting for us”

Workers pose for a photo with a flag with the face of the former president, in Brasília / Paulo Motoryn/Brasil de Fato

Ana Cláudia Lima, president of Coopercap, told the former president that PT governments have begun to recognize waste pickers as workers. According to her, the victory is due to the effort of “all who dedicated their time” to the fight for more rights to the category.

“I’m very emotional today, as our reality becomes reality. Many years ago, there in the Structural Landfill, we dreamed of dignity. We dreamed of working under a roof. This dream was far removed from the scavengers. I thank God and our government that fought for all this to happen”, he said.

“To get here, it was a lot of difficulty, but we won. Let’s win together again. We are going to overcome all the difficulties and barriers that appear in front of us”, continued the waste picker. “If we dream together, we can do anything. I want to thank everyone who dedicated their time and years of fighting for waste pickers. Thank you very much”, he concluded.

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“May he not stop fighting for a category that suffered so much. Don’t stop fighting for waste pickers, for the poor, for indigenous people, for black people,” said a waste picker to the former president, after criticizing the governor of the Federal District, Ibaneis Rocha (MDB). “I want to see a collector, at least, with an income of 2 to 3 thousand reais”, declared another representative of the movement.

Roney Alves da Silva, representative of the National Movement of Recyclable Material Collectors, also greeted former president Lula. He attributed his law degree at the Catholic University of Brasília to the inclusion of blacks and poor people in public policies made during PT governments.

The leader of the pickers also spoke about the death of Diogo Sant’anna, a lawyer and former advisor to the Presidency of the Republic, who worked in the cause of the pickers for years. “He was a fantastic guy who needs to be honored.”

Politicians are present

PT president Gleisi Hoffmann said that in his hometown, in Curitiba, former mayor Jaime Lerner managed to raise public awareness about the work of waste pickers. According to her, these workers should be considered environmental agents. Gleisi also announced that he had filed an application for the creation of the Parliamentary Front in Defense of Waste Pickers.

“We need to occupy the political space with more people on the left, who fight for the workers. (…) When President Lula’s feet set foot on the Planalto Palace, he took with him the feet of scavengers, blacks, poor people and women,” he declared.

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Sarney Filho, who heads the environment policies in the Federal District government, said that former president Lula is “a great defender of the humblest and poorest, who have advanced in the fight against poverty in Brazil”. He is the son of former President of the Republic, José Sarney (MDB).

“I don’t know if you know, but I’ve always been an environmentalist. This issue is not one of government, but of the State. Since I dedicated myself to public life, it has been for this environmental issue. The Solid Waste Law had the contribution of a parliamentary front that I coordinated”, said Sarney Filho. “That’s why I accepted the position of Secretary for the Environment of the Federal District. As soon as I learned of the scavengers’ concern, I pledged not to lose the resources needed to maintain the complex.”

Complex was “conquered” by collectors during Lula’s administration

Lula started the agenda with a guided tour of the recycling sheds. Afterwards, the former president gave a speech of approximately 40 minutes. The speech was broadcast live on social media.

The complex visited by Lula is an achievement of the movement of collectors in the region that took place during his government. The area that houses the space is one of four plots of land donated to workers by the federal government in 2010, with a view to building recycling sheds.

During PT’s administrations in the Federal Executive, the cooperative and the Federal District government signed contracts that guaranteed the financing of the construction of the reception, selection and commercialization sheds of the recyclable waste that today make up the complex.

With the capacity to process up to 5,000 tons of waste per month, the CIR generates around 2,000 jobs. In addition, it is an important part of the decommissioning strategy of the old Structural Landfill, which became the largest landfill in Latin America.

The journalists present at the activity did not ask any questions to Lula, who will give a press conference to reporters on Friday morning (8), in the central region of the federal capital.

Edition: Leandro Melito

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